Though out of sight and mind, your attic is a critical component in your home’s complex system of operation. Through a combination of air leakage and a lack of insulation, roughly 40% of your home’s energy is regularly lost through the attic. A poorly insulated and incorrectly ventilated attic can create ice dams on your roof in winter, as well as promote microbial growth. Left unchecked over time, this issues can result in expensive structural repairs and potential health dangers.  oie_6231654tPv9u4Ni

Constructive Ideas’ will seal sources of air leakage, properly vent exhaust fans to protect from condensation and microbial growth, and blow fire-retardant cellulose insulation (which has an 85% recycled material content) to a depth of 16 inches or more – giving you an effective thermal barrier of R49+.

By retaining hot air in winter, and cold air in summer, these changes make drastic improvements to the lifespan of your heating and cooling appliances, as well as greatly improve your home’s comfort, health, and efficiency.