The crawl space is an integral part of your home. As you heat your home, the warm air rises and begins to draw in cooler air from outside and from underneath your house. This is referred to as ‘stack effect’ and can cause several problems over time. Care must be taken to insure your crawl space is properly protected and is not causing unnecessary harm to your health and home.  3456x2304

Some of the problems that can arise from an unprotected crawl space include:

  • Excessive Moisture. As water vapor gets pulled in through the porous concrete foundation and earthen floor, it creates the ideal condition for microbial growth.
  • Diminished Air Quality. Microbials, along with the decomposition odors and fecal material from dust mites, are pulled directly into your home through the steady force of the stack effect.
  • Structural damage and respiratory health issues can occur over time when these problems are left unchecked.

To prevent this, Constructive Ideas’ team will install a durable 6 mil black plastic protective vapor barrier across the entirety of your crawl space and up your foundation’s walls. This vapor barrier will effectively keep all moisture and cold, dirty air from flowing into your home from beneath.