The walls of most old homes lack insulation of any kind. In many newer homes, the fiberglass insulation that has been installed has not been done so properly and is rendered ineffective. Furthermore, in most homes air flows steadily up and out through the walls like a radiator, carrying the money and energy you spent heating or cooling your home with it. In these instances, we strongly recommend dense-packing your exterior walls with blown-in cellulose insulation.  2013-01-07_14-31-31_837

When dense-packing, Constructive Ideas’ team will carefully remove a strip of siding from the exterior* of your house, drill a small hole between each of your walls’ studs, and pack the cavities with cellulose insulation. We then plug the hole and re-install the removed strip of siding, leaving you with walls that are fully packed with insulation and block all airflow within. Dense-packing is an incredible way to improve the thermal/air barrier enveloping your home and is a remarkable way to optimize energy efficiency and comfort.

*Circumstances will sometimes require us to access the wall cavity from inside the home.