Where the masonry of your foundation meets the wooden framing of your house, there is a tremendous amount of air infiltration and the potential for impressive energy efficiency and comfort improvements. The dated approach of stuffing fiberglass batting into this area is an ineffective fix to approach the major problem of heat loss at this point. Furthermore, as cold and moist air from outside flows into your home it creates the perfect condition for destructive microbial growth within your living space.   rim_joist_insulation

Air sealing and insulating the rim joist of your house is one of the most straightforward and substantial improvements you can make in your home. In a matter of hours, Constructive Ideas’ team will apply a non-toxic, polyurethane-based closed-cell two-part foam to fully air seal the rim joist of your house and insulate it to an R-value of 11+. We complete all work to the standards set by the Building Performance Institute, recommendations of the EPA, and criteria set by your local utility company.